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More PR’s exposed as fakers on the web: the lastest astroturfing scandal

When will the PR profession learn that ethics matter more than ever on the web? And we’re not talking Kantian ideals here, just plain old honesty and transparency. Since I started studying PR last september, I’ve consistently heard how we … Continue reading

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Social media and the youth of today: my two cents

I’ve been following the recent web discussion over teenagers’ consumption of media over the last however many weeks with interest, and with some amusement. There’s something rather curious about middle aged media types and city analysts foaming at the mouth … Continue reading

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Research Log 1: Is PR the word-of-mouth discipline?

As the concluding part of my masters degree, I’m undertaking research about ‘the use of social media in aiding the spread of word of mouth communication in the public relations industry’, and, to get this blog firing on all cylinders … Continue reading

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Work experience placement at Leeds City Council

As I have recently finished a brief period of work experience at Leeds City Council, I thought it would be useful to share a few parting reflections about my time there. After spending time in an agency environment , I … Continue reading

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PR needs to provide results more than ever in this years’ busy news climate

A big theme in last weeks PR week was how the expenses row subjugating the media agenda is affecting the way media relations is conducted (see here and here) – it seems many agencies have found the need to hold … Continue reading

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Prince of Wales’ Rainforest Project – where’s the community at?

The other day I took the time to sign up for support of the Prince of Wales’ Rainforest Project after seeing the star studded sign-up campaign video starring, among others, Harrison ford, Pele and the Dalai Lama, who introduces himself … Continue reading

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Summer challenges

Well…haven’t blogged in over a week now. I have a huge number of things on the go at the moment in terms of university work, and I’m feeling the pressure slightly. That said, I guess I’m nearly done with it … Continue reading

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