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Social media and the youth of today: my two cents

I’ve been following the recent web discussion over teenagers’ consumption of media over the last however many weeks with interest, and with some amusement. There’s something rather curious about middle aged media types and city analysts foaming at the mouth … Continue reading

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Integrating online and offline marketing: Starbucks launch most ambitious marketing effort yet

I like the Starbucks brand. I like how they play jazz and reggae instead of the latest top 40 tripe in their stores (although that might be the particular branches I frequent), I like how their business has strong ethical … Continue reading

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Prince of Wales’ Rainforest Project – where’s the community at?

The other day I took the time to sign up for support of the Prince of Wales’ Rainforest Project after seeing the star studded sign-up campaign video starring, among others, Harrison ford, Pele and the Dalai Lama, who introduces himself … Continue reading

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Trent Reznor speaks on music business innovation

Continuing the theme of my last post on social music, here’s a video of Nine Inch Nails front man and music industry innovator Trent Reznor being interviewed by Digg founder Kevin Rose for Digg Dialogue. Trent is one of the … Continue reading

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Is the music industry really suffering at the hands of social music?

The music industry has had to adapt countless times to advances in the way we’re able to interact with its product since downloading and sharing became the norm.  But even now you can’t help but get the sense that some … Continue reading

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PR Student Bloggers Wiki

Calling all PR and communications student bloggers! Adam Lewis has set up a wiki for PR and Communications student bloggers,which you can find here. I see two primary benefits: It could help you become more findable by potential employers and … Continue reading

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