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My Wordle

I came across a website that allows you to generate a wordle image from your recent listening history. For those of you who don’t know what wordle is, (to paraphrase the site blurb) it’s a tool that generates ‘word … Continue reading

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Trent Reznor speaks on music business innovation

Continuing the theme of my last post on social music, here’s a video of Nine Inch Nails front man and music industry innovator Trent Reznor being interviewed by Digg founder Kevin Rose for Digg Dialogue. Trent is one of the … Continue reading

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Is the music industry really suffering at the hands of social music?

The music industry has had to adapt countless times to advances in the way we’re able to interact with its product since downloading and sharing became the norm.  But even now you can’t help but get the sense that some … Continue reading

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