Life in a Day: the most ambitious crowdsourced project ever

My love for slow paced, creative cinema is well known and I’m a sucker for anything that highlights the seemingly unimportant, mundane details in people’s lives and brings out the beauty in them.

So I was intrigued to read about Life in a Day, a groundbreaking new documentary that brings together slice-of-life YouTube footage from 120 different countries on a single day.

YouTube invited people from all over the world to submit footage of what they were doing on July 24, 2010. They received over 80,000 videos (over 2,500 hours of amateur footage) and a team lead by producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin McDonald edited the choicest cuts into a 90 minute feature.

The concept (or the gimmick, depending on which way you look at it) that the film is built around is impressive enough alone for it to be worth a look.

Crowdsourcing is nothing new – whether it’s an ad, a music video or a piece of visual art – but to my knowledge, nothing has been done on this scale. This is a collaborative work of art on a truly global scale, and the sheer amount of work that went into the editing process is mindblowing.

Having not seen the film (it premiered at Sundance last week) I can’t give my own verdict, but from what I’ve read, the editing team has managed to hash together something truly spectacular, focusing the disperate subject matter around a number of key themes and emotions such as love, heartbreak, marriage and war.

Below are a couple of teaser clips that have been released, but you may have to wait for the theatrical release to see the whole thing.


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