Summer challenges

Well…haven’t blogged in over a week now. I have a huge number of things on the go at the moment in terms of university work, and I’m feeling the pressure slightly. That said, I guess I’m nearly done with it all: in a few weeks I can kick back an relax for the summer. Or not…

I’ve got a couple of major summer undertakings to think about before I can even think about indulging my music and travel interests with festivals and holidays:

1. I’m looking forward to getting down to some research and getting under the skin of some organisations involved with social media and word-of-mouth tactics, but I’m conscious that it’s going to be a massive undertaking and I’m going to spend the whole summer traveling round the UK interviewing PR practitioners (that’s if anyone will make the time for me!)

2. Placements, placements placements…I need more experience or I’ve got no chance of landing a job:

  • I’ve potentially got a two week placement coming up at Leeds City council in May, but I’m awaiting a reply after my interview.
  • My Uncle wants me to come into his organisation, the Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People, to help provide a fresh perspective in terms of PR and Marketing – should be an interesting challenge.
  • Planning to go back to Green Communications at some stage for another couple of weeks.

I’m thrilled at how well the Masters has gone so far and I’m confident I’ll attain a decent grade, but I’m conscious that since I’ve only been on the PR path for under a year, I won’t have enough experience to be considered for jobs ahead of those that have been working towards the career for three or four. I get the sense that the PR industry values experience above most things, but  there’s only so much you can get in a year of full time study.


About Tom Craik

Senior Account Executive at Finn Communications, a PR and Word of Mouth agency based in Leeds. Baby face. Northern Monkey. Attention junkie. Space man. Fake tan. Dancefloor dreamer. Analyser. Deliberator. Wordsmith. Book worm. Head in clouds. Telecaster. Dance floor master. Closet rasta. Free love. Fresh jokes. Old gear. Naff beard. Existential. Influential. Left of centre. iPod. Math rock. Psych Folk. Dropping dubstep. Chicken Balti. Laos. Berlin. Bass bin. Circle pit. Guggenheim. Baltic. Cabernet. Globalised. Wired. No house. No car. Going places!
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2 Responses to Summer challenges

  1. uchechi says:

    You are right, the PR industry really values experience. What can we do..we have to start form the scratch to get there someday? I wish you success in all your endeavours.

  2. sheesidd says:

    I feel your pain- this part of the year is always really hectic for students! Good luck with all your works and placements!

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