PR Student Bloggers Wiki

Calling all PR and communications student bloggers!

Adam Lewis has set up a wiki for PR and Communications student bloggers,which you can find here. I see two primary benefits:

  • It could help you become more findable by potential employers and other practitioners who are interested in up and coming talent.
  • It could help you connect with other like-minded students and ultimately become involved in more conversations.

There’s also an interesting debate going on around Adam’s blog post over the criteria for inclusion. Richard Bailey makes the point that a lot of students only want to maintain a blog for a short period of time for self promotion purposes in the lead up to the graduate job season and worries it’ll become a self promotion tool.

Anyway take a look for yourselves, and put up your name and link.

One more thing…on a more altruistic note, get involved and comment on other student’s blogs. We – and I’m speaking to my MA colleagues here – are lucky to have a little blogging community based around one of our modules. Others aren’t so lucky and maybe struggle for readership and comments.


About Tom Craik

Senior Account Executive at Finn Communications, a PR and Word of Mouth agency based in Leeds. Baby face. Northern Monkey. Attention junkie. Space man. Fake tan. Dancefloor dreamer. Analyser. Deliberator. Wordsmith. Book worm. Head in clouds. Telecaster. Dance floor master. Closet rasta. Free love. Fresh jokes. Old gear. Naff beard. Existential. Influential. Left of centre. iPod. Math rock. Psych Folk. Dropping dubstep. Chicken Balti. Laos. Berlin. Bass bin. Circle pit. Guggenheim. Baltic. Cabernet. Globalised. Wired. No house. No car. Going places!
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5 Responses to PR Student Bloggers Wiki

  1. uchechi says:

    You are quite right, this is an opportunity for upcoming PR practitioners. This will also give them the priviledge of interacting with fellow PR students. Thanks to you, i’m now part of the student and PR comm blog.

  2. postmodernpr says:

    Don’t thank me Uchechi, I’m just trying to spread the word.

  3. Amanda says:

    I like to think that my blogging is genuine- that is for the simple love of sharing opinions and information. It makes me more marketable, however, to me that’s a bonus 🙂

    And yes, we are so lucky to have our own little community. So I encourage everyone to mingle.

  4. Joy-Fleur says:

    I can understand Richard Bailey’s concern. There is a broad range of excitement and commitment levels from the students writing blogs as part of the MA course – whilst some really seem to enjoy themselves and take it seriously, others appear to just do it because it is an assignment and look to pick up points as easily as possible. The later should probably not sign in their names, but ironically they will probably be those most keen to…

    I’m not convinced that creating a wiki page to prompt blogs is really using the technology to its best. After all, what is Technorati for other than finding blogs.

    Regardless, thanks for spreading the word.

  5. sheesidd says:

    I see Richard Bailey’s point- I’ve been guilty of it in the past where I have started blogs and then abandoned them after awhile. However, employers/practitioners can probably tell the passionate communications students from the ones that are just using it as a tool to get a job. In any case, the wiki is a great way for people like myself to find like-minded students and engage in conversations like you said.

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